Shell Glass Dish
Shell Glass Dish

Shell Glass Dish

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Glass textured shell shaped trinket with gold trim.
Material: Glass
Before you start, remove all personal jewellery such as rings, bracelets and watches.

-Use a plastic bowl (avoid using a sink in case you accidentally knock the glass against the taps)
-Use lukewarm water
-Add one drop of detergent per litre of water
-Clean one object at a time

-Dip the object in the water
-Wipe over the surface with a cotton wool ball to remove dirt
-Rinse with clean water either by dipping the glass object into a bowl of lukewarm water (without detergent) or by wiping with a damp swab
-Blot dry using paper towels and allow the inside to dry by carefully supporting the object upside down and leaving it for several hours

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