Our Story and Values

How Crane Living started was kind of an accident.

At Crane's first location at Robertson Quay, we were expanding next door, and their previous tenant's entry way was an un-airconditioned little nook, which we were going to use as our reception. We decided to create a little gift shop out of this nook - stocking local brands alongside objects that we curated for the club, that members could procure as they came and went.

As the universe would have it, Covid hit soon after, and we were in lockdown mode for a few months. During this time, we took photos of the products we had, posting them on social media. People kept asking us how to buy these objects, and soon, we were delivering orders during lock down. Crane Living kind of took off from there, our little Covid baby.

Since then, Crane Living has grown as Crane has expanded its own footprint - where there are Crane locations, you'll find a Crane Living too. Each location is unique - we stock different collections, and work with different creators and brands for each location.

Our belief is that everyone can do with a bit of affordable luxury in their home - and it is our mission to bring that to you through our curation of unique collections and brands.

While we are in the business of retailing home goods, we hate to waste and create unnecessary waste. We try to use donated/second-hand bags and bubble wraps as much as we can (to the point of driving the team crazy), we try to give second-life to items that are damaged (we have a pay-as-you wish counter for lightly damaged items, we repurpose and upcycle things, we give away). Yes, we are consumers, but we hope we can be as conscious and as circular in our consumption as possible.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us!
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