Venezia Terrazzo Tray - Round
Venezia Terrazzo Tray - Round

Venezia Terrazzo Tray - Round

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Madesimo Rectangular Terrazzo Tray.
Material: A composite stone, made from a mixture containing chips of recycled glass as well materials like marble, granite and quartz, all held together by a cementitious binder
Dimension: 25cm
How to care for your terrazzo surface

Avoid harsh cleaning products
Simply wipe down your piece with a damp soft cloth. If you need to clean a more intense mess, we recommend using a cleanser with a neutral pH level. Always avoid detergents, polish removers, abrasive or acidic products (including vinegar or lemon juice). By using products with acidic content, you will damage your surface.

Do not clean a terrazzo surface with rough fabrics
When cleaning your terrazzo surface avoid using scourers or rough cloths. If you do use a metal or rough fabric you are likely to scratch and damage the terrazzo.

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